Yoga for Beginners

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to start a safe, effective and fun home yoga practice.



This guide was created specifically for those who want to understand the basics of yoga. If you are curious about starting a home yoga practice and want to learn more about how to do that, then this guide is perfect for you! The Yoga for Beginners guide will help you learn how to practice with proper form, utilize different breathing techniques, create flows, and incorporate your faith into your practice.

What it Includes: 

  • 34-page guide with detailed descriptions of how to start a yoga practice

  • 20 posture breakdowns with detailed written instructions and videos

  • 4 breathing techniques with written descriptions and list of benefits and ideal uses

  • worksheet to help you plan out your flows

  • teachings of common yoga sequences (sun A, sun B, etc.)

  • 4, 20-30 minute videos in a variety of styles

  • tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your practice


“I’ve done yoga before, but this guide was really helpful in growing my understanding of specific movements and how they can better play into my flows. I feel like my practice is much more effective now!”

— Cali Larios