How I Plan Yoga Classes

Figuring out how to plan a successful yoga class/sequence can feel intimidating at first. Whether you are a new teacher, or are looking to progress your personal practice, having structure will help you make sure that you are creating a well rounded class and impactful class. Most teachers have a system that they use to help plan their class efficiently- this is mine!

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I start by determining the theme of the sequence and then go from there. A theme can be a concept (such as freedom, peace, kindness) or a physical posture (heart openers, hips and hamstrings, crow.) From there I choose a quote or piece of scripture that compliments the theme, and then begin planning the physical side of my class/sequence!

It is important for me that the music matches the pace of the class, so knowing the length of each song helps me create a well balanced class that uses the music to create the mood I'm looking for. From here I will move through a basic outline of warm- up, heat building series, series #1, series #2, maybe a peak pose, and then a cool down. It helps to develop a short hand that you feel comfortable with, so that you can write up your sequences quickly and without taking up too much space. Here's an example of how I would use short hand to write Sun Salutation A (mtn -> ff -> 1/2 lift -> plank -> chat -> upd -> dd)

Having a form like this is also helpful because it allows you to keep track of the classes you have planned, so that you can reuse them in the future! I suggest keeping them all in a folder or binder so that you can reference them when needed. I hope this form helps you get more comfortable with planning a yoga sequence, whether it's for a class or just for you! 

Fill out the prompts below to download the form that I use to plan all my classes!

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