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Faithfully Rooted Retreats

The Faithfully Rooted Retreat is a retreat unlike any other! We combine the traditional aspects of a health and wellness retreat (exercise, healthy food, community and plenty of rest), but we know that in order to be truly restored we need something greater. That’s why every element of our retreat points back to rooting yourself in the truth of who God is, and learning how to live in a way that reflects that. Each day we will have a fitness classes in a variety of styles, cooking lessons, and teachings on how to find greater joy, purpose, and health in all areas of life. We’ve expanded our retreat locations and dates, so that hopefully no matter where you live, if God is calling you to join us at a retreat, then He will make it happen for you to be there!

Evergreen, CO:

  • When: June 6th-9th AND August 22nd-25th

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Tampa, FL:

  • When: October 3rd-6th

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Reclaim Retreat


This was the thought that sparked the idea behind the Reclaim Retreat. Our hope is that through this retreat you will be able to reclaim your identity in Christ and the beauty that comes with that. We want you to let go of who the world is telling you to be, and recommit to the person God has created you to be! We’ll be doing this through yoga classes, photography sessions, health and wellness teachings, and intentional discussions about how to discover God’s call on your life!

Scottsdale, AZ:

  • When: October 9th- 13th

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Past Retreats

Dallas Retreat


We are partnering with Michelle Spadafora, founder of Faithful Workouts, and Jeff Spadafora, life coach and author of the Joy Model, to offer an incredible 2 day conference in Dallas, TX! Join us for fitness classes, nutrition classes, and a variety of teachings that all exist to help you find better physical and spiritual health, which ultimately leads to more peace, joy and purpose in your daily life. We can’t wait to see you there!

Dates and location

November 2nd-3rd  

Halftime Institute Headquarters


Florida Retreat- SOLD OUT!  


We are partnering with Faithful Workouts to offer an incredible 4 day, 3 night retreat in Clearwater, FL. The Rooted Retreat, will combine yoga classes, aerobic workouts, cooking lessons and biblical teachings to help you sink your roots deeper into the truth of who God is and who He says you are. It's going to be a transformational weekend full of growth, community and fun! 

Dates and location

October 4th- 7th 

Retreat Center in Clearwater, FL