Unshaken Yoga Programs

Each of these programs is specifically meant to meet you where you’re at in your yoga practice. Whether you’re just starting yoga, or looking to take your practice to the next level, we have a program that’s the perfect fit for you! All our programs include yoga flows in a variety of styles, postural training videos, biblically-based Christian messages and personalized devotionals. Check out our program descriptions below or try a video to see which program is the best choice for you!

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Unshaken Yoga: 31 Day Yoga Program

Our original offering, the Unshaken Yoga 31 Day Program is a guide to help you progress in your Christian yoga practice. No matter where you're at in your yoga practice or your faith journey, this program is specifically designed to help you learn how to combine the two. Each day you will be given a 30 minute yoga flow (for a total of 31 different flows!) as well as, thought- provoking devotional, journaling questions and prayer that all compliment the theme of the day. You will also have access to videos that will teach you correct postural alignment, as well as tips and tricks for bringing your faith onto your mat. 

fruit of the spirit

Fruit of the Spirit: A 9 Week Guide

This 9 week program is a collaboration with Faithful Workouts, where we will explore the fruit of the spirit and see how we can better embody these qualities in our every day lives. Each week will focus on a different characteristic and how God calls us to live this out. This program includes: 18 yoga flows (9 beginner, 9 intermediate) and 18 strength training workouts (9 beginner, 9 intermediate). It also includes a 9 week devotional ebook that is full of thought provoking devotionals, journaling questions, prayers and weekly verses.


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Unshaken Yoga: Beginner Guide

This guide was created specifically for those who have little to no experience with yoga. If you are curious about starting a home yoga practice and want to learn more of the basics then this is perfect for you! This guide will help you learn how to practice with proper form, sequence flows, and incorporate your faith into your practice. Included in the Beginner Guide are: 20 common postures with written and video description of how to correctly practice them, description and benefits of 4 different breathing techniques, worksheet to help you sequence yoga flows, tips and tricks to get the most out of your practice, and so much more! It also includes over 20 teaching videos that will help you better understand the practice of yoga.