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Many people spend years stuck in the same place, simply because they don’t have the tools or motivation needed to move forward, but here’s the truth- you already possess everything you need to live out your calling. I’m here to help you see that and put it into action. Don’t let your fear or indecision keep you from pursuing growth any longer! If you are truly looking to go deeper into your faith and wellness journey, then coaching may be right for you. Through monthly one-on-one phone calls, and consistent email communication, I will use my professional training and experience to help you come up with action oriented goals that will yield tangible, life changing results. Take a look at the options offered below to see which one most clearly supports the goals that you have.


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Health and Wellness

health and wellness coaching

Many people struggle with figuring out how to integrate a fitness and nutrition routine into their busy lifestyle. In this coaching program, we will work together to take a big picture look at the details of your life and then create a wellness plan that realistically fits into that. It will be uniquely designed to fit your schedule and specific wellness goals. I will walk alongside you while we work to create a program that feels both challenging and attainable. You will walk away from this coaching program with the tools and clarity needed to become your strongest, healthiest and most capable self.

*Packages start at $350 for 3 months (this includes a consultation call, 4- one hour long coaching sessions, a customized 12-week workout plan, and menu plan creation based on your dietary restrictions and wellness goals)


Life Purpose

life purpose coaching

50% discovery, 50% implementation, this coaching program will help you gain clarity around who you are, what God is calling you to, and how to take the next step toward that. We will work together to find the sweet spot where your passions meet the world’s needs, and God gets the glory. We will start by digging into your dreams and passions and discovering how those play into the role that God has called us to as Christians. Then we will begin exploring opportunities for you to put this into action.

*Packages start at $250 for 3 months: I only take on clients who are ready to commit to 3 months, and 5 sessions of coaching. I believe this is the minimum amount of time needed to successfully implement change and experience transformation. Past that point you are welcome to transition to a session by session basis. I also offer 6 month and year long coaching packages for clients who know that they will want support on a long term basis (this option is ideal for those who are walking through a transition in life, or are preparing to launch a new business/product/service).


new “the way” Group Coaching program coming in 2020

This group coaching program is based off of a proven formula from “The Way” coaching organization (learn more about The Way here) This year long program is intentionally crafted to help you create a life that is Christ centered in all ways. We start with foundational biblical exploration and slowly move into creating a personalized life plan that will enable you to move forward towards your goals with confidence and purpose. This program includes bi-weekly group coaching sessions, 12 months of intentionally curated teachings, 12 one-on-one coaching sessions and a 4 day retreat.

*Membership is $2400 for 12 months (scholarships available): This is not a low commitment opportunity. Acceptance is on an application only basis, and is meant for those who are truly looking to transform their faith and life in a powerful way. Stay tuned for more details coming in the next few months…

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