Unshaken Yoga 31 Day




The Unshaken Yoga 31 Day Program is a guide to help you progress in your Christian yoga practice. No matter where you're at in your yoga practice or your faith journey, this program is specifically designed to help you learn how to combine the two. Each day you will be given a 30 minute yoga flow (for a total of 31 different flows!) as well as, thought- provoking devotionals, journaling questions and prayers that all compliment the theme of the day. You will also have access to videos that will teach you correct postural alignment, as well as tips and tricks for bringing your faith onto your mat. 


What it Includes: 

- 31 yoga flows in a variety of styles that can be adapted to suit all levels 

- 31 days of thought-provoking devotionals 

- daily journaling questions and prayer 

- posture breakdowns to help you practice with correct alignment 

- tips and tricks for how to best combine your yoga practice with your Christian faith 


Not quite ready to commit yet? Why not try a day first?